Thursday, June 17, 2010

Isreal Pavilion at Shankhai Expo 2010

How you all doing today? The weather here in UB city has unbelievably changed. It is almost like 100 degree outside today. Literally, we are all burning in hell. Well anyway, I am gonna carry on my sequel posts of World Expo 2010 organized in Shanghai city. So Israel is the next country I would like you guys to watch its breath-taking pavilion and be amazed by its sophisticated architectural awesomeness. I went there for my summer vacation when I was in 3rd grade. I must say it is one beautiful country out there. It is pretty small as  compare to other nations but in terms of the technological innovation, facilities and infrastructure, It was pretty advanced and I heard that Israel Air Force is No.1 in the world at the time. People are nice and welcoming but let me tell you funny story that happened when I was there. Me and My brother, we were having dinner at this big restaurant and finished our food so fast because we were starving to death. By the time we were about to leave, everyone in that restaurant were staring at us like we were some kind of alien or something. :D so we both aware of situation that we are getting some looks and checked each others face, thought maybe we had some food stuck on due to our super swift-eating performance. However there was nothing, not a thing nether on mine nor on his. Later on, we found out that Asians were quite rare tand they thought my brother was Bruce Lee and some buggers asked him to show some "lee" movements for them. LMAO Anyway, it was a great trip.

Pavilion theme: Innovation for Better Life Pavilion features: The Israel Pavilion is composed of two streamlined buildings hugging each other. The pavilion looks like two clasped hands, or a "seashell." One side of the "seashell" is made of authentic stone while the other is made from transparent glass. The design symbolizes Israeli innovation and technology as well as represents the dialogue between humanity and nature, the earth and the sky, as well as the past and the future.

Pavilion display: The pavilion highlights innovation and ancient Jewish culture. It consists of three areas: the Whispering Garden, the Hall of Light and the Hall of Innovations. The Whispering Garden is an orchard that greets visitors as they enter the building. Inside the natural stone is the Hall of Innovations, symbolizing links with the earth and history, and the recycling of natural resources. Under the transparent glass is the Hall of Light, symbolizing technology, transparency, lightness and the future.

Pavilion highlights

Green Orchard - A green orchard will come into view as visitors enter the pavilion. About 50 orange trees have been planted, and technology will make the trees "whisper" in English and Chinese when visitors walk close to them. Here, everyone is expected to be in direct touch with nature and the irrigation technology that the Israelis take pride in.

Innovation - The Hall of Light features a 15-meter screen that shows films highlighting the country's innovations and technological achievements. As the centerpiece of the pavilion, the Hall of Innovations presents an audiovisual show which will allow visitors to hear from Israeli children, scientists, doctors and inventors via hundreds of screens. Each light sphere here represents innovation and technical breakthrough in such fields as agriculture, food, pharmacology, solar and green energy, science, music, literature, high-tech, telecommunication and security.

The "Capsule" - Highlights include a capsule containing a mini-camera that can be swallowed for internal medical checks. The camera can then be discharged naturally, giving no pain for the patient. It is displayed at the Hall of Innovations.


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