Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mongolian Pavilion at Shankhai Expo 2010

Yo Folks! This is gonna be my first post. I just wanna talk about Shanghai Expo 2010 and especially the Mongolian pavilion they have made. Well its just an eye-popping creation and the first time when I saw this, I was like Damn! these people really can do some awesome stuff. I am very sad that I was not able to go and see these beautiful man-made creations of all the countries around the world. But hey! I've got some good pictures. So I just want you guys to view this mesmerizing pictures and wouldn't want you to miss out of anything. The Theme is called " Gobi and the City"

Mongolian Pavilion: A huge dinosaur egg, symbolizing the fragile city, is laid in the center of the pavilion, implying that the urban development shall be based on ecological balance. Two dinosaur skeleton models and distinctive wooden tents are set up in the egg.


  1. Tnx dude! so how have u been? its been a while, hasnt it?